“Mr. Trochut needs no introduction.”
— It's Nice That

Barcelona-born and New York-based experimental typeface designer Alex Trochut has made quite a name for himself in the last decade. His ability to bend our preconceptions of what typography is and evolve his craft to leave other similar creatives trailing in his dust has won him countless awards and has seen him working for the likes of publishers, brands, fashion houses, editorial publications, and some of the biggest bands in the world. What shines through in his work, and keeps clients coming back to him time after time, is his sheer dedication to the craft. “Letter design is the non-verbal communication of the written medium,” he says. “It is not what you say, is how you say it. Style is the message. Letters are a flexible matter, a human creation in constant change. Similar to fashion or music, letters have a connection with identity, every typographical style will always have a place and time in history.” What’s great about Alex’s typography and image making is that even though the finished product is digital, the flow of his initial sketches almost jump off the page. “Sometimes I sketch by hand and then jump into the computer, when I work with an open brief I try to experiment and break my routines as much as possible in order to facilitate accidents,” Alex says. “Most of the time I look for an unexpected result in style: you can’t control when and how these are going to happen, but you can set up the conditions to making them possible. New methods bring unforeseen mistakes, and eventually happy accidents.”


The New York Times, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, Esquire, ESPN, GQ, Coca-Cola, Nike, The Oscars, Adobe, Adidas, MTV, Pepsi, British Airways, Converse, Absolut Vodka, The Economist, Foot Locker, MasterCard, American Express, Taco Bell, Toyota, Fiat, Seat, Audi, Camper, Patagonia, 55DSL, Nixon, Sixpack, Top Shop, Lane Crawford, Puig, MAC Cosmetics.

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