“His work is informed by literature and writing: something very much evident in the way each of his simple monochrome drawings manages to convey a rich narrative in black, white and charm.”
— It's Nice That

“I would say my work tries to find clever solutions to a problem or task in a simple and effectively minimal style,” says Boston-based illustrator Christopher DeLorenzo. “I try to make a image that can tickle some part of your mind by manipulating shapes and lines from the world around us.” And tickle us it does. Christopher’s illustrations have a clean-lined, firm aesthetic, but the content itself holds a cheekiness that keeps up-to-date brands such as Mr Porter, Converse, Google and Airbnb wanting to work with him. As clean and crisp as his flowing line drawings are, they are underpinned with tiny imperfections, making them approachable and able to be tied to an enormous variety of projects by brands looking for entirely different concepts. The reason why Christopher is so good with working on a multitude of different projects is perhaps due to him having studied Communication Design in Syracuse University in upstate New York. He initially trained as an art director, and has only recently begun working as an illustrator. You wouldn’t know it though, with the amount of projects he’s already got under his belt. “One of the projects I am most proud of is a short video I produced and created for the clothing brand, Original Penguin: it was the first time my work has been animated by someone I worked closely with,” he says. “I really like to work with clients that make stuff, whether it's clothes, guitars, drinks, food, films… I like to be involved and a part of that process where the other side understands the care and quality of image and craft.”


Lab Series, Casper, Klarna, Chase, Apple, Airbnb, Pinterest, Amazon, Twitter, Converse, Google, Original Penguin, Dropbox, Jameson, Condé Nast, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Sunday Times.


Grain Edit, It’s Nice That, Ape on the Moon, Constructed By.

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