“Brasch-Willumsen’s composition is a perfect blend of art direction, set design, industrial design and computer wizardry.”
— Yellowtrace

Swedish creative director and founder of Studio Brasch, Anders Brasch-Willumsen creates aesthetic experiences “guided by beauty and intended for visual communication.” Anders, who holds a Masters Degree in Visual Communication, founded the studio back in 2018. Today, the studio’s creative output is developed by him and an ever-expanding network of freelancers working in 3D and motion design. The work he creates, including imagery for Apple, Rimowa and Bang & Olufsen, among many others, is an otherworldly trip into another dimension: a voyage into a new world of recognisable elements of beauty from our own planet, and that of Anders’ imagination, delivered to us in the shape of digital imagery that leaves you wondering how much of what you’re seeing is real.

His work is created using 2D and 3D software applications, offering the viewer an important element of mystery in today’s ever-flowing onslaught of imagery. “It can be hard to grab people’s attention due to the amount of beautiful content we consume daily,” says Anders. “Therefore, I find mystery to be an important ingredient that can make an already beautiful image stand out.” Despite his work for brands and organisations, Anders favours the relationship between his personal work and usual exploration that then feeds into his commercial projects. “Good communication and a positive mindset are essential qualities to the (visual) outcome of a project,” he explains. “I embrace a good challenge, enthusiasm and a shared creative/aesthetic vision with the brand I’m working for. When these things connect, I get really excited!”


Apple, Yves Saint Laurent, Byredo, Bang & Olufsen, Ninja Tune, San Francisco Design Week, Remy Martin, By Malene Birger, InterContinental, Wired.

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