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Our Strengths

Selected Press

Camilo Huinca
“Looking through illustrator Camilo Huinca’s work is like waking up in the morning and discovering it’s surprisingly sunny.”
— It's Nice That
Rami Niemi
“A ruthlessly talented man so comfortable in his ability that he is given complete creative freedom by the big dogs and then praised for his subtly snide creations — this man is a superb and powerful illustrator.”
— It’s Nice That
Magnus Voll Mathiassen
“Strong colors, acute shapes and strong patterns characterize the iconic portraits by Norwegian designer Magnus Voll Mathiassen, MVM.”
— Trendland
Merijn Hos
“As well as being of the highest and most unique quality, Merijn’s work is also pleasingly varied, making his portfolio a fizzing, glowing party bag of astonishing draughtsmanship.”
— It’s Nice That